Touristic highlights of Top.Vlaanderen

On you will find dozens of beautiful locations, places of interest, etc. in French, West, East and Zeeland Flanders. Although they have all been judged on their beauty and other merits, there are of course always a number of them that are considered by us and our guests as "the real top", the top attractions of Flanders. Although such a list can and will be different for everyone, we dare to present a number of attractions that belong to the absolute top and on which there is a large degree of consensus. At Michelin they would probably say: "Ca vaut le détour.". Even more: in a number of cases this is even: "Cela vaut la destination." 😉

What about the Terrils near Lens? The beguinage in Bruges ? The Cap Gris-Nez ? And so on. Absolutely recommended!

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