Chapelle Saint-Louis (Guémy, Pas-de-Calais)

The site Chapelle Saint-Louis at Guémy includes the remains of an ancient chapel (15th century) situated on a high hill. Built in soft limestone. The chapel is situated along walking route GR 145 Via Francigena. You have a very nice viewpoint (360 ° view) from this 120 m high hill. This site is known to quite a few Flemish people because in 2002 the VRT series "the gang of Wim"(Wim Opbrouck, Jean Blaute and Michiel Hendryckx) descended on it.

Tip for photographers: this popular spot can be quite "crowded": families gather there, game campers, sun set spotters, and so on. There is not much chance that you will be alone (at least in the summer months when the weather is good). It might be better to plan a visit early in the morning or very late in the evening (or at night) if you want to capture panoramic views of the chapel.

Location on the map of Top.Flanders.
Location on Google Maps.
Background information on this chapel on
Wikipedia about Guémy ( francophone ).
Wikipedia about Tournehem-sur-la-Hem ( francophone ).
Drone shots of this historical site ( see also vimeo ).
3D model of Chapelle Saint-Louis at Guémy: sketchfab.

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