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You know the feeling too? You want to get away from it all but you can't see the trees anymore because of the large number of websites with tourist information ? You want to visit "something else" ? Take a break in a different way ? Then consult this map with concrete no-nonsense information of beautiful, good, original... top tourist attractions in Flanders. We provide tips on French Flanders, West Flanders and Zeeland Flanders. They are all within walking, cycling or driving distance of Hostellerie Kemmelberg **** where you can spend the night, have a gourmet meal or a drink. We don't try to show all the attractions at all, only those that we label as interesting, beautiful, original, photographically interesting and/or of high quality for our guests.

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Recommended tourist locations for French, West and Zeeland Flanders
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Click on the [ ] symbol at the top right of the map. The map will then be enlarged to the full size of your screen. By clicking on the icon at the top left, you can turn the legend on or off. The legend allows you to tick or uncheck certain areas of interest / themes. All places that we showed in high resolution panoramic images are marked with a red 360-character.

Hostellerie Kemmelberg ****
Hostellerie Kemmelberg **** is itself one of the tourist attractions in Flanders. From our hotel you can easily visit the entire region. Are you a one-day-tourist, then you can also visit one of our sunny terraces or our gastronomic restaurant. Contact us via our contact form. Reservations for breakfast or the restaurant can easily be made via our Mont Kemmel **** restaurant booking module. Need a room ? This can be done via the Mont Kemmel **** hotel booking module.
Website Mont Kemmel **** - Reservation of a hotel room or package in Hostellerie Mont Kemmel

Play tip: for the kids there is a panoramic picture on the map of the Easter Bunny resting in the corona age. Who among the children will find the Easter Bunny? Which bird do you find in that panoramic photo ?

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