The fishing village of Audresselles, France

Audresselles is a typical fishing village on the French opal coast. Wide, beautiful beach. The village is known to many tourists for its seafood restaurant "Chez Mimi". It is, according to many, "the place to be" to order a shellfish flat. We were guests there as well and thought it might be a bit crowded, but well: each one is a gnome. If you've been there you can talk about it!

Tip: Did you know that besides "Chez Mimi" there is also a small restaurant run by a promising young Belgian Chef ? Name of his restaurant: "Au petit bonheur". You can recognize the restaurant by its well-kept terrace. Please note: it is best to book in advance during the weekend. After all, this restaurant is becoming more and more famous among many Belgians and Dutch people.

Google Maps.
Indication on the map of Top.Vlaanderen.
Website the restaurant "Au petit bonheur".

  • 360-180° panoramic photo taken on the beach of Audresselles
Detail from the panoramic photo of Audresselles beach.

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