" Le Cran " of Escalles (Escalles, France)

In the chalk cliffs near Cap Blanc-Nez there is notch that allows you to have direct access to the beach: we call this in French a "Cran" (hole). It is used by very many people to get a view from the sea of Cap Blanc-Nez, the chalk cliffs or a romantic sunset. It is also beautiful in stormy weather, just be careful!

Tip: Use the tide table below to see when there is low or high tide. The weather forecast shows you whether to expect storms or brilliant blue skies. In both conditions, a visit is possible.


Designation of location on Top.Flanders map.
Designation of location on Google Maps.

Photos of the June 4, 2023 sunset:

Views of the chalk cliffs of the Opal Coast:

Photos of the chalk cliffs in stormy weather:

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