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Ostend for Anchor (Ostend)

On the web site of this event we read, "The largest maritime festival on the North Sea will take place from June 1 to 4, 2023. Ostend at Anchor gathers sailing historic ships from various North Sea and Channel ports and highlights the maritime heritage of our region and Europe but also focuses on innovative techniques at sea."

In summary, this is the 2023 edition: 150 ships, 65 booths, 17 food stalls, 45 crafts & artists.

Tip 1: since there is always a lot of people, it is best to arrive as early in the morning as possible. Before 10h it is still easy to find parking and you can still easily walk through all the stalls.

Tip 2 : also try to be on time at the many food stalls. After noon, very long queues form.


Visitor numbers: 225,000 (2018) - 200,000 (2019)
Social media of this event: webstek ( Dutch-language - French-language - English-language ) - Facebook
Wikipedia about "Oostende voor Anker": Dutch-language
More information about the museum ship "Amandine": webstek
More information about the clipper "Morgenster": webstek - facebook - current position
More information about the steamboat "De Hydrograaf": Dutch-language

Photos of the clipper "Morgenster":

Photos of the steamer "The Hydrograph":

Pictures of the Fish Smokehouse:

Photos on the theme of Venice:

Photos of the Icelandic vessel "Amandine":

Theme fishing songs by "Corsaires de la Vesdre":

Theme Ropes:

Theme Ostend Vistrap:

Theme Music Mobile:

Theme Delights:

Theme Crowd:

Theme Rescue at Sea:

Other photos from the 2023 edition (photos from June 3, 2023):

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